Our Customers Stories Are Why We Make Puzzles.

" I ordered my puzzle as a surprise for our recent family get together. The picture I choose was of the last family gathering my late mother attended. I didn't put out the box - just the puzzle. My sister was helping and suddenly she said, ""That's my face!"" Soon everyone was working on the puzzle. They were so excited to see the picture come together. And the best thing about it - it had Mom in it and she loved puzzles. She would have been so pleased to see this one. Thanks!

– L.H.
We are so pleased with our puzzle! Thank you for the easy ordering process and the quick delivery time!
– Valerie
Your puzzles make great birthday presents! When my kids get invited to a birthday party, I no longer wonder what I should get as a present. I just ask his/her mom for a photo of the child then I sit at my computer for a couple of minutes and the shopping is done. The kids LOVE getting a puzzle of themselves!
– Marli Burlage
Sent my Aunt a 500 piece puzzle as a house warming gift and she was very impressed. I suggested she donate it to a local senior center when finished....but she said it's too nice to give away.
– Catherin Hayt
I was looking for something different for a gift for my parents. They received the gift in the mail and was amazed their picture was the puzzle. It was a great gift idea !
– Debbie DeLuca
I can't speak for the actual puzzle itself because we haven't opened it yet, but will after we move in Oct. However, the packaging was great and the image was very clear. The delivery was incredibly fast as well! I was surprised when it arrived in the mail so quickly.
– Darlene
We had an appraisal done on our house. An email with the details was sent to us and included photos of our home. When my husband saw this photo, he said "that would make a good puzzle". I knew his birthday was right around the corner . . .Long story short, when he opened the gift and saw the cover, he was beaming! He brought that puzzle everywhere with him for the next week, showing it off. He exclaimed that it could not have been better. Beyond that, the customer service you provided was excellent and the puzzle showed up at my doorstep 3 days after I ordered it. I love you My Personal Puzzle!
– Heidi Amlaw
When I ordered these puzzles I wasn't sure what to expect. When I received my puzzle I was very impressed. Each piece as glossy, hard so they would not tear, and very durable. The puzzle exceeded all my expectations! I have bought puzzles before and nothing compares to these puzzles. I will never buy from any site or person!!
– Bridgett
We have gotten to know John and Jane Smith through mutual friends and have used their puzzles to create lasting memories! Our 4 year old daughter loves to put puzzles together that are pictures of our family and friends.
– Stephanie Fahler
The site was very easy to use. The puzzle turned out fantastic. Brought it out at a family get together. Everyone thought it was a great gift idea.
– M. Barker

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Puzzle Quality Tips x

Why am I Getting a Low Quality Score?

When it comes to printing, we need a high quality photo for the best results. The larger the image, the better the results are going to be. If you're uploading a photo we recommend sending us the largest version of the photo you have. Here's some quick tips that may help you.

  • File sizes less than 500k are likely going to be too small of a photo.
  • Try grabbing images directly from your camera, do not re-size them.¬†
  • For smaller puzzles (like our 16, 100, 250, 500), a great camera setting is 6MP or 3000x2000 pixels
  • For larger puzzles (like our 300, 1000, 1500 piece) a good camera setting would be 10MP or 5000x3600 pixels