Check your browser.  We recommend that you use Moxilla, Firefox, Safari, or Chrome or Internet Explorer version 10 or 11.

Make sure you are using a personal computer versus a work computer.   Many companies may have firewalls that prevent you from using non-work related websites.

Make sure you are using a MasterCard, Visa or Discover Card.  We do not accept American Express. 

PayPal:  If your shipping address is different than your billing address, PayPal will ask you if you want to change your PayPal address to the shipping address.  You do NOT want to do this.  Just proceed and your shipping address will be where your puzzle is shipped and your PayPal account information will remain unchanged.  

Do not download pictures from the Internet such as Facebook.  The images are compressed by 80% and therefore do not have enough pixels to be enlarged into the sizes of our puzzles.  Get the original photo that was posted. [Photos purchased from the internet in full file size work perfectly -i

If you are using a photo that has been emailed or texted to you, make sure the photo was sent as “actual size” versus a small, medium or large file.

Smart Phones photos are great to use.  Do not pre-crop photos with your smart phone.  Smart Phones photos are great to use.  Get closer to your subject.  Pre-cropping cuts off pixels and results in a smaller image.  (When enlarged for puzzles, they will be blurry).  "Selfies" are taken with the front camera of the phone.  The front camera is low-resolution and while you can use it for photography (e.g., self-portraits), the resulting image is nowhere near the quality of the back camera. Selfies (poor quality) won't work for puzzles.  The front camera is really intended for video-communication (e.g., Face Time, Skype, etc.). The BACK camera is much more sophisticated and has much higher resolution.  

Scan photo prints and save at 300 dpi as a jpg.  Then upload the jpg.

If you cannot find your shipping tracking number, check your spam or junk file.

Type your billing, shipping and email information carefully.  We cannot detect typos and it may affect your order if we have incorrect information.  We use your email to confirm your order and send your shipping information.

If you don’t think you are very computer savvy, find a friend or relative to help you.  It's easy and they should have no problem.

Puzzle Quality Tips x

Why am I Getting a Low Quality Score?

When it comes to printing, we need a high quality photo for the best results. The larger the image, the better the results are going to be. If you're uploading a photo we recommend sending us the largest version of the photo you have. Here's some quick tips that may help you.

  • File sizes less than 500k are likely going to be too small of a photo.
  • Try grabbing images directly from your camera, do not re-size them. 
  • For smaller puzzles (like our 16, 100, 250, 500), a great camera setting is 6MP or 3000x2000 pixels
  • For larger puzzles (like our 300, 1000, 1500 piece) a good camera setting would be 10MP or 5000x3600 pixels