Take the Kink(o)s Out of Uploading Photos

Oct 31, 2013

Since today we’re talking about uploading photos, here’s my confession:  I’m not that great with technology. Don’t get me wrong, I can get by with most of the basics, and sometimes surprise myself (and my kids) by upping my tech game a notch or two. Mostly it has to do with how often I perform a certain task. If I Tweeted often, I’d remember how to do it without having to ask stupid questions. I believe the same principle applies to my kids doing the laundry or loading the dishwasher. Familiarity breeds eptness. (I know “ept” isn’t a word, but it seems that if you can be inept, then you should be able to be ept.  Like discombobulated — why can’t you be combobulated? But I digress.)

z-coconut-squirrels.jpgFor those of us who may not spend a lot of time uploading photos, the process can be frustrating. Since uploading photos is a key component of making a My Personal Puzzle, we want to make sure you have success in that area. If you find yourself in that position, we’d like to suggest that you take your camera or phone, iPad, Notebook or laptop, or actual photo, to your local Kinko’s or FedEx Office site. Their staff should be able to assist you with these types of tasks:

  • scanning a print photo
  • uploading an image to your computer from a camera memory chip
  • cropping a photo
  • understanding photo size/resolution

Of course, the quickest way to get started making your custom photo puzzle is directly on our site, but for those times when you find you need a little expert advice getting that photo out of the frame and into the computer, these retail print/copy/shipping businesses can often lend a helping hand. You’ll be combobulated before you know it.

p.s. It’s Halloween — turn those great Halloween pictures into a My Personal Puzzle!


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Puzzle Quality Tips x

Why am I Getting a Low Quality Score?

When it comes to printing, we need a high quality photo for the best results. The larger the image, the better the results are going to be. If you're uploading a photo we recommend sending us the largest version of the photo you have. Here's some quick tips that may help you.

  • File sizes less than 500k are likely going to be too small of a photo.
  • Try grabbing images directly from your camera, do not re-size them. 
  • For smaller puzzles (like our 16, 100, 250, 500), a great camera setting is 6MP or 3000x2000 pixels
  • For larger puzzles (like our 300, 1000, 1500 piece) a good camera setting would be 10MP or 5000x3600 pixels