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I ordered my puzzle for a party and due to the Christmas holiday it was not going to arrive on time. My Personal Puzzle re-made the puzzle and sent it 2 day just so that I would have my puzzle for my event! The puzzle was quality was great and it was the highlight of my party. I would definitely recommend this company to produce an excellent quality puzzle. Fantastic customer service. Nancy in California

– Nancy Anderson

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Puzzle Quality Tips x

Why am I Getting a Low Quality Score?

When it comes to printing, we need a high quality photo for the best results. The larger the image, the better the results are going to be. If you're uploading a photo we recommend sending us the largest version of the photo you have. Here's some quick tips that may help you.

  • File sizes less than 500k are likely going to be too small of a photo.
  • Try grabbing images directly from your camera, do not re-size them. 
  • For smaller puzzles (like our 16, 100, 250, 500), a great camera setting is 6MP or 3000x2000 pixels
  • For larger puzzles (like our 300, 1000, 1500 piece) a good camera setting would be 10MP or 5000x3600 pixels