Create Beautiful Custom Puzzles from Your Photographs!

Now you can easily create beautiful, custom jigsaw puzzles from your favorite photos! Our puzzles are American-made in Indiana and come in a variety of sizes starting at $24.99. These custom photo puzzles make great gifts for all - for kids, their parents, and their grandparents! - and for all levels of experience. Turn your family portraits or vacation snapshots into professional-quality puzzles that you can enjoy for years to come!


3 Easy Steps

  1. Select Puzzle Size

  2. Upload & Crop Photo

  3. Add Text and Preview

We love the puzzle. We haven't got to give it yet, but we're sure the recipients will love it too. It came so much faster than we expected, that was a great surprise. Everyone we show it to says, "What a great idea, how did you come up with that? "

– Tia Montgomery

The Questions We Get Asked Most of the Time

All My Personal Puzzles are created in a very special way. Watch this video to see a rare art form at work. 

Puzzle Quality Tips x

Why am I Getting a Low Quality Score?

When it comes to printing, we need a high quality photo for the best results. The larger the image, the better the results are going to be. If you're uploading a photo we recommend sending us the largest version of the photo you have. Here's some quick tips that may help you.

  • File sizes less than 500k are likely going to be too small of a photo.
  • Try grabbing images directly from your camera, do not re-size them. 
  • For smaller puzzles (like our 16, 100, 250, 500), a great camera setting is 6MP or 3000x2000 pixels
  • For larger puzzles (like our 300, 1000, 1500 piece) a good camera setting would be 10MP or 5000x3600 pixels